torsdag 1 januari 2015

New Year's Day - Ivanhoe

Happy New Year!! Gott Nytt År!!

Starting off the year by sharing a Swedish tradition. Since 1988 the screen version from 1982 of Walter Scott's story about the knight Ivanhoe has been shown in the afternoon of New Year's Day. The plot takes place in 12th century England where prince John is ruling the country in his brother's (Richard Lionheart) absence. Ivanhoe returns from fighting along side the king in the holy land and ends up fighting for both his life, love and honor. Isac, the jew of York, and his daughter Rebecca are also an important part of the story. There are plenty of famour actors in the movie, like Anthony Andrews, Sam Neill and Olivia Hussey to mention a few.

New Year's Day is a day after often a rough night so a lot of people just enjoy having a calm day off, watching movied and meeting friends. Fast food and Ivanhoe is therefore a tradition among many Swedes.

God fortsättning!

Picture: Gehrts Ivanhoe

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