lördag 28 juni 2014

Foteviken Open Air Viking Musuem

Foteviken Museum is and Open Air Museum dedicated to the life of the vikings that lived in Scandinavia one thousand years ago.

The museum is open most days from May to September but there are special events and activities all through the year. Starting with midsummer's eve is the Viking Week at the museum. It starts with the celebration of midsummer, continues with handy craft days and ends with a four day market. The midsummer celebration and handy craft days are for vikings only. That means that you have to be part of either SVEG (Scandinavian Viking Explorer Group) or another Viking group. These people are reenacters and are the soul and spine of the activities at the market.

During the market there are contests like fish throwing, tug-of-war, tossing the caber and the bow competition "King Harolds Arrow". Many of the reenacters live in tents on the mueum grounds but some camp in tents and vans outside the area.

View of the market from the watch tower.

Somebody actually brought a bed.

Making a bow.

There is also a reenactment of the battle of Foteviken that took place June 4, 1134, where the Scania King Erik Emune defeated his uncle king Niels and his son Prince Magnus.

The Scania flag.

We had a wonderful day at Foteviken and I hope to return there again. Next time in full gear of my own and with my American cousins.



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