söndag 21 december 2014

Christmas music

From the first of Advent and right up until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I like to listen to as much Christams music as possible to get in the right mood. Therefore I will here list some of the best Swedish Christmas music.

First up is Peter Jöback, a very talanted Swedish musical artist who has done the Phantom of the Opera both in London and on Broadway. The first video is when he sings the his song "Jag kommer hem till jul" (I will be home for Christmas).

Secondly is O Holy Night but in Swedish. I have seen Peter live and he is an amazing singer and a very huble person.

Second is Carola Häggkvist who has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest several times and won it in 1991. She is considered to be the best singer in Sweden. Here she sings Mary's boychild.

Number three is Triad who in 1987 released the song "Tänd ett ljus" (light a candle). The song is not really about Christmas but it is about hope, that it is dark now but it will be brighter soon, light a candle for the children of earth.

Adolphson & Falk made the song "Mer jul" (more Christmas) in 1884 which is about how the person singing wants more of everything that has to do with Christmas.

Just D is a Swedish hiphop group from the early 90's. The song "Jul igen" (Christmas again) is about all the horrible things that happen that makes sure that you know that it is Christmas again.

These are just some of our favorites. There are several more. Hope you enjoy.

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