lördag 5 juli 2014

A friggebod - a cottage you do not need a building permit for.

In 1979 the minister of housing, Birgit Friggebo, abolished the need for a building permit for small sheds up to 10 square meters. In 2008 the size was changed to 15 sq. meters and July 2014 to 25 sq. meters. The hight can not be more than 3 meters. There are more restrictions, on how far it has to be placed from the neighbour's yard, on what kind of lot it can be placed on and it has to follow the laws on how a building should be constructed.

The building can be used as an outhouse, a garage, a tool shed, a green house, a guest house, a sauna or a boat house. As long as it is just a complement to the regular house.


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