tisdag 1 juli 2014

Tuesday's Tip - Web-site about Swedes and Norwegians who emigrated to Africa

There is a site about the Swedes and Norwegians who emigrated to the southern parts of Africa from the 1600's to 1902 when the second Boer war ended. It is called Afrikafararna and is a result of several years of research on Nordic entrepreneurs, hunters, merchants, researchers and cattle merchants in southern Africa.

The site is not complete and so far there are only a few people listed. There are also maps and general information about life in Africa. In September there will be an exhebition in Vänersborg about the emigrants who moved to Angola.

All the information is so far in Swedish only but there is a tab for contacts (kontakt) so if you know that you have relatives who moved from Sweden or Norway to Afrika I suggest you contact them and ask for information.


Sydafrika Giraff Afrika Natur Djur Safari
Public Domain CC0

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