torsdag 24 juli 2014

Those Places Thursday - Figeholm

Figeholm is a village just north of Oskarshamn in Kalmar county. Today it is dominated by the paper mill and there is a nuclear powerplant close by. The village is otherwise known for its boat club and the beautiful archipelago. Figeholm is a part of the parish of Misterhult

There is a very active local history sociaty that arranges market days and takes care of the public area. They have cleaned up and restored the old canal and turned it in to a wonderful place to have a picknick or go fishing.

In the marin museum (above) is information about  the ships that were built in Figeholm and also lots of material from the boats. Like the seaman's chest below.

I and my daughter spent a night in a friend's cottage before our trip across the baltic to Gotland. We had our breakfast out on the small porch, enjoying the view and the early sun.

Part of the canal.

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