onsdag 23 juli 2014

Trip to Oskarshamn and Gotland

I have had very poor access to the Inernet for some days as I went across the country to go to Gotland. First stop was Oskarshamn on the east coast where I met up with a friend from work who has a cottage some kilometers north of Oskarshamn.

Oskarshamn is not a big town and the center has a lot of old charm buildings left. There are some really narrow streets and paths with beautiful old houses.

In the yellow house pictured below is a café. The owners live in a bigger house behind the small house and the garden is where the customers can sit and enjoy their coffe and cakes. Everything is home made and they are open 7 days a week.
After having fika (swedish word for having coffe, tea, cakes, cookies and anything else you would like for an afternoon, or before noon, snack), we went to a factory, Liljeholmen, where they make candles and bought some really cheap candles.

I will continue to write about my trip in the following posts, telling you abouth Figeholm and Gotland.

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