tisdag 15 juli 2014

Tuesday's Tip - Family ads online

There are several places on-line where you can find obituaries/death notices for people who died in Sweden. One of them is Familjesidan.

Familjesidan started in 2007 so there is only material from that year onwards. There seems to be other limitations too because when I searched for my grandmother's obituary, who died in 2008, I could not find it. I think it is because the undertaker did probably not join the page until 2010. The obituaries can be saved or printed.

Local newspapers have also started to put their family ads such as obituaries on-line. To be able to access them, however, you need an account and a subscription to the paper. An online subscription costs around 120 SEK each month (around $18) but often you can get the first month for free. Hallandsposten has digitalizes all their newspapers from 1913 onwards while Hallands Nyheter (two newspapers in the county of Halland) has only material from 2003. Some material may be free, such as new family ads (pictures of children, birthdays, married, dead,).

My grandfather's obituary from the local newspaper.

The Royal Library as digitalized newspapers from the 18th century and onwards. It has limits and is fairly new but still worth a try. Under Titel you can see which newspapers that can be searched.

Webbisar is a service the Regions offer where a new born baby can have its picture online with information about name, weight, length, and parents. My daughter was only a day old when her picture was taken. Here is a link to Region Halland that has babies born in Halmstad and Varberg. http://www.regionhalland.se/vard-halsa/webbisar/

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