måndag 30 juni 2014

The old Vinberg

A few days ago I wrote about the new church in Vinberg and promissed to tell you more about the village. Unfortunately some of my pictures seem to be missing.

Right next to the new church is the old vicarage. A beautiful old house built in 1799 in the same place as an earlier vicarage. It is the birth home of Olof von Dalin, a famous poet, and artist who was born August 29, 1708. He started the paper "Then Swänska Argus" which marks the beginning of the younger, new, Swedish language. He was made a noble man by the king.

The vicarage from Vicar Island.
 Olof grew up in the vicorage with his mother and step-father who created a beautiful park that has been somewhat restored and is open to the public. An island was created by digging a ditch from the river Vinån and ponds for fish has also been dug up again.

A gazebo build in 18th century style on the island.

An old well.
 Just across the road from the vicarage is the old cemetary, where the old church used to stand.
Entrance to the old cemetary.

A hedge marks where the old church used to stand.

"Here stood the church of Winberg from 1100-1900"

An old head-stone from 1624 when the province of Halland was Danish.

The old cemetary.

The new church in the distance.

An old water mill next to the cemetary.

List of all the head-stones and a map, showing who is buried where.
This old cemetary is a dream for any geneaologist with people buried here because in the entrance vault is a map and a file with a list of the graves and who is buried there.

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