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1912 Summer Olympic Games in Stockholm

The summer olympics of 1912, also known as the Sunshine olympics, took place during two months, May 5 - July 27, in Stockholm, Sweden. 2547 people (2490 men and 57 women) competed in 102 different events. A new stadium had been built and can still be visited today.

There were both tragedies and funny stories from the Marathon. Portuguese Francisco Lazaro collapsed from dehydration and died the next day. In total half of the 68 people who started never finished because of the heat. A funnier story is about the Japanese Shizo Kanakuri who discontinued the race and instead sat down in a garden where the owners gave him some refreshments. The organizers did not now that he had left the race and 55 years later Kanakuri finished the race by crossing the finish line at the stadium during a visit to Sweden.

The King, Gustav V, attended and was the one who gave medals to the winners. The Swedish royal family has always been very interested in sports and always attends the olympic games.

The Swedes won most of the medals but they also had the biggest squad with almost 500 participants.

Opening ceremony at the 5th Olympic Games held in Stockholm

Prince William of Sweden, the Crown Prince, and King Gustav V of Sweden at the Olympic games

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