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Matrilineal Monday - My great grandmother Agnes Hjelte

Agnes was born 21 June 1886 as the daughter of Johan Alfred Hjelte and Karolina Boström. Johan Alfred was a soldier which ment that they had a small cottage and some land that came with his job. Karolina had two bastard daughters before she met Johan Alfred. She was engaged to another man since 1875 but they never lived together. She had a bastard son after she moved in with Johan Alfred and the church records say that there was a letter releasing her from the other man in 85. Johan Alfred and Karolina got married in December the same year and Agnes was born six months later. In 1888 the couple's youngest and last child was born, another daughter.

In October 1915 Agnes married Oskar Larsson but he died in June 1917 and Agnes moved back to her parents. In December of 1918 she moved to work as a maid in my great grandfather's household and they got married a year later. My grandmother was born in October 1920 and her sisters in 1922 and 1923. In December 1928 Konrad, my great grandfather, dies of septicimea and leaves Agnes a widow for the second time with three young girls and a farm to run.

When Agnes dies in 1950 she has gone from being a poor soldier's daughter to a poor worker's wife and widow to a stable farmer's wife and widow. At least she got ten good years with her second husband and with the farm they had it better than many others during that time. But it still makes me think about how unfair life can be and how greatful I am over how good I have it compared to those who came before me.

Agnes with her three daughters, Frideborg, Britta and Linnéa.

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