söndag 25 maj 2014

Mother's day and voting in the EU election.

I believe no Swede missed that there are to important things happening today. First of all it is mother's day. A lot of people got confused a couple of weeks ago when our princess Madelen wished the Queen happy mother's day on the day when Americans celebrate their mothers. "Was that today? I thought it was in a couple of weeks!". How we celebrate mother's day is very different from family to family. Some mothers get gifts (my sister in law got a new outdoor clothes horse), many get flowers, some have a cake, and some go out to lunch or dinner. We went out to lunch with appetizers and a main course before we went to my mother-in-law (who we gave flowers] where we had coffee and cake.
Appetizer: West Coast Sallad on dark bread.
The scond thing that has been on people's minds is the election for the European Parliament. In 1979 63%  of the members in the EU voted but the number has decreased to 43% in 2009 (45% of the Swedes). It is believed that this election will see an increase in number of Swedish voters, 56%. It is mainly young people who are starting to show interest in what is happening in the EU. The issues that have been raised are; animal rights, free trade within the EU, enviromental laws and rules, we pay too much to the EU compared with what we get, and the EU has to much power over the individual countries. These are issues both for and against the European Parliament.

Voting card.


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