söndag 4 maj 2014

Sunday's Obituary - August and Elin Nilsson

I have four cuttings from newpapers about my mormor's uncle August and his wife Elin. The oldest is when they celebrated their 50th weddin aniversery  and the other three are about their deaths.

August was born in 1875 and Elin in 1881, both in the province of Södermanland. They got marrid in 1902 in Elin's home parish, Björkvik, two month after their first son was born. They then moved to the parish of Östra Husby in the provnice of Östergötland where they stayed for the rest of their lives.

Elin died September 19th, 1966, and August passed just four days later. There had alread been an obituary in the news paper for Elin but when August died they added Elin's facts to August's obituary. They were married for 64 years and had nine children together. They were buried the same day. 

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