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Matrilineal Monday - My great great grandmother Carolina Boström

Last week I wrote about my great grandmother Agnes Hjelte, and today I will write about her mother Carolina Boström.
Carolina Boström

Carolina was born in April 1849 as the daughter of crofter Adolf Boström and his wife Maja Greta Persdotter. She was the fifth child of seven. The family lived in Risinge parish in Östergötland's county. When Carolina was 21 she gave birth to her first bastard child, a daughter by the name of Emelia Carolina who only lived to be sixteen. She was at the time employed as a maid at a farm not far from her parents' home.

In 1875 she gave birth to her second bastard daughter, Augusta Wilhelmina while whe was living with her parents. Two months after the girl is born the church records say that Carolina is betrothed to Karl Gustaf Andersson who worked as a farm hand on a farm in the same parish. The couple never live on the same farm as far as the church records tell but they stay betrothed without getting married for several years.

Carolina moves around and works as a farm maid in several places. The oldest daughter moves in with her grandparents where she lives when she dies. Carolina and the youngest girl move to the soldier's cottage Svärdstorp in Östra Eneby parish in 1883.  The solder who lived there was Johan Alfred Hjelte, born in 1860, and in November 1884 a bastard son is born, Carl Erik. Carolina is still betrothed but the church records show that she was given a letter releasing her from Karl Gustaf and in December 1885 Johan Alfred and Carolina get married. Agnes, my great grandmother, was born in June 1886 and her younger sister Hanna in June 1888. Karl Erik died in November 1885.

Carolina had a long life. She lived to be 83 years old. Her husband died in 1918 at an age of 58.

I have often wondered about the bad luck the women in my family have had with men but finding out about my great grandmother Agnes becoming a widow twice and her mother's bastards and being betrothed for ten years I can only make one assumption; it is in our genes. ;)

Karolina in front of the cottage where she lived and unkown relatives.

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