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Sunday's Obituary - Osvald Johansson

My great grandfather Osvald Johansson held several important posts at the town hall and the local worker's union. Therefor it is not strange that there was a large article about him when he passed away at an age of 74. Here are what it says about him:

Osvald Johansson in Ålberga dead 

One of southern Sörmland's most known municipal men, the minicipal accountant, Osvald Johansson, Hälsogården, Ålberga, died last Wednesday 74 years old. He was born in Sundsvall and grew up in Luleå. He was drawn to the south and has been a toolman in Södertälje. There he belonged to the volenteer fire department. In 1916 he came to Stafsjö ironworks.

It was not long before the deceased joined the worker's movement in Stavsjö and became the arbetarkommunen's (branch of the Swedish Social Democrats) chairman when it started in 1917, then as club under Ålberga's arbetarkommun. He has also been the chairman and accountant in the Metal Worker's local branch. Stavsjö's consumtion assosiation has also been one of the deceased's many volunteer field of work, as an auditor and pruduct controller.

His largest contribution has however been in the municipal political field. In 1921 he became a member of what then was Kila municipal executive board and the same year he became a member of the worker's club commitee, in 1924 alternate member of the municipal representative assembly and vice president of the municipal executive board. He has further been a member of the assessment commitee of the social welfare obard, the pension commitee and more. In 1934 he was chosen as chairman of the municipal executive board which he was until the merger of municipalities in 1942.... (unfortunately some of the article has been cut off).

My mother, her sister and their cousin has told me about how the town hall actually was a part of Osvald and his wife Jenny's apartment. The municipalities were not very big back then.

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