lördag 24 maj 2014

International Street Market, Kulturskolan and a painted face

The "International Street Market" visits different places in Sweden during the year and this week they have been in Halmstad in Halland on the west coast. It is a busy schedule from April to October with a new town almost every week. The main focus is on food from different countries; Thai, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Australia, France and more. Fudge and cheese from Great Britain, sausages from Germany, Salami and Biscotti from Italy, Crocodileburgers from Australia and lots more. There are so many different kinds of smells and you just want to try everything. I always buy British cheddar and some Italian biscotti. This time I tried langos for the first time and I loved it.

Langos with sour cream, cheese, red onions and caviar.
International Street Market on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/gmsltd?fref=ts

Kulturskolan is run by the municipality and today was Kulsturskolan's day. Its main purpose is to let children and teenagers learn how to play instruments or sing, theater, art/photography and dancind for a reasonable price. Many say that this is the reason why Sweden have so many good musicians. In Halmstad there were stages in one of the parks where all the children and teenagers performed but there was also a parade that went from the park to city hall.
Children with baloons in the parade.
The whole town was filled with activities of different sorts. Choirs and bands performed in the streets, politicians were trying to get people to vote for their party in tomorrow's EU-election and one of my former studens painted the faces of children for a small fee. My daughter loves to get her face painted and usually she wants to look like a tiger but today she wanted a butterfly. The former student is Isabella Kurkimäki who also has designed the logo for "Your Swedish Heritage".

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