fredag 23 maj 2014

Military Memories - Propaganda: A Swedish Tiger

In fall of 1941 Bertil Almqvist created a symbol for the awareness campaign that started in November the same year. The campaign wanted to encourage the Swedish people to keep quiet about anything that could harm neutral Sweden.

At this time Sweden's neighbouring countries were occupied wither by the Germans or the Soviet Union. The symbol was a tiger with yellow and blue stripes with the text En Svensk Tiger. The Swedish word tiger both means the animal and keeps quiet. Apart from wanting people to be quiet the symbol would encourage people to stay strong, just like the tiger.

The symbol has become the symbol of the Swedish Armed Forces but the "Museum of Readiness" owns the rights to the symbol.


Ensvensktigerskylt2 djuramossa
By: Anders Lagerås original by sv:Bertil Almqvist (1902-1972)
License: CC BY-SA 3.0

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