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Snöstorp Parish

Snöstorp parish is located in Halmstad municipality, in the county of Halland, on the west coast of Sweden. Its borders have changed over the years. In 1928 the municipality of Nyhem was transfered to the town of Halmstad and in 2013 more land was added to the parish.

Large parts of the parish used to belong to the Sperlingsholm estate, which manor house is in the parish of Enslöv, but the lord of the manor, Kuylenstjerna, started to sell some of it in the very beginning of the 20th century. It was expencive to buy and build houses within the town limits of Halmstad so the land quickly became populated. There were no rules on how to build houses, meaning the new landowners could build their houses any way they wanted. There were several industries and the railroad in the area or in walking distance which also led to the areas popularity among the working class. School was a problem because the children had to walk either to the village of Snöstorp or Furet so in 1906 Kuylenstjerna donated land so that Nyem would get its own school. Kuylenstjerna also built a watertower and adjoining water pipes in 1908 and in 1912 he gave them five years of free electricity to run the street lights. The school, the janitor's house and the teacher's room also got electricity.

The townsfolk of Nyhem and the countryfolk of the rest of the parish had troubles seeing eye to eye which led to several disputes so it was probably a relief to some when Nyhem was incorporated into the town of Halmstad in 1928.

The church was finnished in 1883. It is one of Sweden's eleven Langlet churches, Langlet being the name of the architect. He was inspired by old Roman cirkular churches but gave the church in Snöstorp six walls. The pulpit is placed in the middle so that the word of God would always be in the centre.

The church of Snöstorp: http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/snostorp/snostorps-kyrka
Sperlingsholm: http://runeberg.org/nfcf/0371.html
Nyhem municipality: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyhems_municipalsamh%C3%A4lle

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