onsdag 14 maj 2014

Workday Wednesday - The Farmer

A farmer's life is so much more than I can give information about here. Therefore I am only going to write down some information that I found interesting. In this case it ended up being about tractors and horses.

In 1900 only 2% of the Swedish population lived in the bigger towns and the rest lived in the country. So most of the population were self-catering farmers.

In 1930 there were about 650 000 hourses in Sweden, where most were used on farms. The number of tractors were less than 10 000 but the number slowly increased during the second world war. After that the number increased rappidly while the number of horses decreased just as quickly. In 1980 there were about 51 000 horses and 190 000 tractors.

Even small farms needed a lot of people in order to run it well. A normal family farm in the 1920's could be 20 acres big and had, apart from the farmer and his family, a farm girl, and a farm hand. The work load was really heavy but the tractors made life a bit easier.


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