tisdag 13 maj 2014

Prince Carl Philip's 35th Birthday

Carl Philip Edmund was born 13 May 1979 at the royal castle in Stockholm. For a short while he was the first heir to the throne after his father but the laws were changed and his older sister Viktoria became crown princess instead. He is today the third in line after Viktoria and her daughter Estelle.

The prince spent to years at a private school in Kent, Connecticut and after that he studied natural science in Sweden. In the military he got an officers degree in the navey and became captain in 2007. After his military service was finnished he studied graphical design for two years before doing an internship with National Geographic Society in Washington D.C. and studing graphical design in the states.

Back home he studied business economics and finished his military training but he returned to the states in the spring of 2007 to study design at Rhode Island School of Design. In the fall of 2008 he was back in Sweden to study agriculture which he now has a master's degree in.

Apart from design, agriculture and his military service the prince is also known for his interest in sports and has participated in several motorsports races.


Picture source:
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Frankie Fouganthin - Eigen werk

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