fredag 30 maj 2014

Ätran Turist

I have spent 24 hours with my nineth graders and therefor I have not been able to post anything on this blog. Wednesday evening we all met in a village called Ätran deep in the woods of Halland on the west coast. We had rented some cottages and were ready for 24 hours of fun and games. It started of with a contest between two teams were we competed in air rifle shooting, bow, blow pipe and two exercises were we had to co-operate. After that we had a barbeque and some of the kids went swiming and jumping off the trampoline into the heated pool.

We spent the night in the cottages. Some have been newly renovated and were really nice. There are two bedrooms with bunk beds and there was also a bunk bed in the living room. There was a bathroom with a shower and a fully equipped kitchen. The place is popular among German and Danish tourists. There is a lake where you can go fishing or canoeing.


The next day we all had breakfast out doors because the weather was really nice. The rest of the day we spent playing kubb, football,  rounders, swiming and just hanging out together. We finished our class trip at a restaurant in Ullared. All the kids seamed really happy about what we did. They have worked really hard to gather money but did not manage to get enough to go to Krakow like we wanted to but in the end what was most important that they did something together.

Ätran Tursit

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