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Gällstad parish

Gällstad parish lies in Västergötland, not far from Borås. During the 1900's the village became famous for its textile industry and women came from all of Sweden to buy cheap clothes from the outlet stores. There are still several stores that sell clothes in the village and therefor it is still a popular place to go shopping, but the number of factories have decreased immensly. When it became cheaper to make clothes in other parts of the world the Swedish textile industry suffered badly.

The church of Gällstad and Södra Säm
The parish used to be the home of some of the most influential families in Sweden. They had close connections to the royal family and Håkan Knutsson Hand married the daughter of King Erik XIV. Håkan's father, Knut Håkansson Hand, died in the battle of Axtorna in Halland, the biggest battle to take place on Swedish soil, in 1565. He was buried inside the church and today the stone he was buried under has been placed on one of the walls in the new church. Knut's wife Märta came from the Drake (Dragon) family who also was one of the important families in Gällstad.

The family shield.


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