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Amanuensis Monday - Getavad October 1951

In March I posted a blog post where I translated a letter to my farmor from her parents. http://linnlinns.wix.com/swedish-heritage#!Amunuensis-Monday---letter-to-my-grandmother/c20fa/A673CC91-4504-47D4-B932-8B3E50616671

Today I will translate the next letter, written in Getavad 2 October 1951. It is not easy to read and translate these letter because my great grandmother probably did not go to school for many years and wrote as she spoke. This way I can get a feeling for what she sounded like. There are some words that I have not been able to interpret and translate so I left question marks instead.

"Now I will draw some lines and thank you for the last time we met and for the letter we recieved. You ask if father was broke and yes he was because Åke drove him all the way home. Would have been nice to come too but we could not all get away. Just think about what Jack would have written. We have gotten all the grain inside and pulled the potatoes up, all by ourselves. The weather has been so nice for a while now and we had not planted much potatoes. Today, Tuesday, we have taken in the grain from the field, four loads and Ingvar has been home and helped us. Say to Folke that Ingvar loves his bike, it is a good ride.

I have boiled 80 litres lingonberry mash. Father wa out picking (lingonberries) when it rained the most. It was hard to clean them, but it had to be done. So I have made sallad lingonberrie but they have not been packed because I did not have tiem. And I have boiled green tomatoes, they are very tasty. And I got a hold of a recepie from the ICA kuriren (a magazine) so we got some cucumbers as well. I don't think your cucumber recepie can be found here. And we should talk about Nisse, he and his family has moved to Nitta. He will be a supervisor at a factory. Yes poor those who are the owners. And the farmer at Kättebo has sold his farm and he is going to move to Martin's old cottage, it is said. And talking about actions, Enar H bought Hulander's villa, the one Nisse was about to modernize but never finished. Have you heard anything from Karlstad? I was going to write to them, started a letter a long time ago but Svensson came and I never finished it. He is the same but he ??? less than usually.

Are you not coming home this fall? Are you helping Magnusson with the potatoes?

Göte was home last Sunday. They did not have to do the big (military) field exercise that is now going on in Västergötland. They are lucky because the weather is really good. We are going to do the washing now and it will probably be hard to carry all that water from the river. And put in the windows. You have gotten a price list from Å.H. and we have bought pattern magazines in the store, ??? badly written and badly ???.

It is currant cordial in the bottle so you can open it at any time. I did not make any raspberry cordial, I made compote instead and we had a lot of currant. Eva picked a large bucket and brought with her to Götet. You can make fruit soup if you don't want to drink it.

Lots of love, Father and Mother"

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