onsdag 18 juni 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Jenny Winter and Osvald Johansson

These are my great grandparents Jenny and Osvald. They got married April 8, 1917 but I do not know where and I am also not sure how they met. Osvald moved from his parents' home in Krokek to Södertälje in 1913 where he is signed in as a sailor. In November 1916 he moves to Stavsjö just north of Norrköping where he works at the ironworks. Jenny Bernhardina Vinter moves to Stavsjö from her parents' home in Hyltinge. Their first son Birger is born in March 1918 and later that year the family moves to what used to be the old school. The building has been turned into living quarters for the workers at the ironworks. My grandfather was born her in 1920 and two years later a third son is born but he dies after just a month.

Jenny liked to sleep in and when she finally got up she went out to gossip with the neighbours. When it was time for Osvald to come home she went back to bed and claimed that she was feeling ill so Osvald did most of the house work. Osvald became involved in the workers union and I have written about him in an earlier blog post (http://yourswedishheritage.blogspot.se/2014/05/sundays-obituary-osvald-johansson.html).

My mother's cousin has fond memories of her grandmother. She remembers sleeping in and staying in bed for a great part of the day. My memories of my great grandmother is of an old woman with snow white hair sitting on the edge of her bed. I sure do know where I got my lazy gene.

Osvald died in 1966, 74 years old. Jenny lived in a small apartment in the same village as my grandparents for many years untill she moved to an old people's home where she died in 1989, 98 years old.

Stavsjö - history and what they do now: http://www.stafsjo.com/index.php?id=233

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