söndag 15 juni 2014

Gullered Church and Parish

The parish of Gullered is situated east of the town Ulricehamn in the province of Västergötland, right by the sources of the rivers Ätran and Tidan. The parish has its origins in medieval times and in 1554 the parish of Tissered joined Gullered. The parish of Strängsered had joined Gullered in 1548 but becamed its own parish  again in 1887. The parish joined the parish of Hössna in 2006

Gullered belonged to the hundred Redväg, a hundred in the southeastern parts of Västergötland, in what used to be the county of Älvsborg. Reväg together with six other hundreds are known as "Sjuhäradsbygden", roughly translated as The Seven Hundred Area.

The church was built in 1844 after drawings of the architect Fredrik Blom. Some of the building material is said to have been taken from the ruins of the church in Tissered. The organ was put in in 1873 and was built by Svante Johansson. In 1951 electric heating replaced the old fireplaces from 1902.


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