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The parish of Breared is situated in the province of Halland and is since 1971 part of Halmstad municipality. The village of Simlångsdalen used to be the village of Breared but in 1912 the name was changed. The parsh however, kept its name. The name change because of the hit novel "Folket i Simlångsdalen" (The people in the Simlångsdalen) by the author Fredrik Ström that was released in 1903. Simlången is a lake and dal means valley. The story became a movie in 1924 and 1947.

The church is believed to have been built as early as the 13th century and dedicated to Sanct Laurentius. It was burnt down by the Swedish army in 1563 during the Nordic seven year war but could be rebuilt on the old walls.

There is a total of 23 nature reservs within the parish.

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