lördag 14 juni 2014

Falkenberg Pride Festival

Today was the first time a pride festival was arranged in the west coast town of Falkenberg. Summer has just begun and the tourists are starting to poor in so the center of town really crowded. A couple of hundred people took part in the parade that walked through the town center and many more watched along the way. Almost all of the big political parties took part and several other organizations, such as the Swedish church. The parade ended at one of the squares where Mari-Louise Wernersson represented the municipality. Head speaker was Rickard Söderberg, gay and proud of it. He grew up in the neighbouring town of Halmstad and was bullied as a child because of his way to dress and act. He has since then become a great tenor but was unknown to a lot of people until he participated in the TV-show "Körslaget" where famous musicians compeet against eachother leading a choir each with people from their home towns. Rickard's message is that love will always win and the people being against homosexuals are against love. He is an active blogger (http://rickardsoderberg.se/wp/), twitter (@GayTenor) and instagrammer (GAYTENOR). 

After holding his speach, Rickard sang "Somewhere over the rainbow" and after that activities continued all through town.
Rickard Söderberg

Pride Cake from one of the local bakaries.

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