onsdag 11 juni 2014

Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are starting for a lot of Swedish schools this week and yesterday it was time for "my" school. I teach at the same school that I went to over 20 years ago and some traditions are the same. Back then, and up to only a couple of years ago, we started the day by going to the parish church by bus. We spent about an hour there, listening to music, the principal held a speach and the minister said some words before we went back to our school where the 7-8 graders spent some time with their main teachers in a classroom before going on summer holiday. The 9 graders ate cake in the canteen and got their grades before running out from the school where parents, relatives and friends were waiting. Then each class rode around town on a hay waggon behind a tractor.

Some years ago laws changed in order to make sure that people of different religions were not left out so schools are still allowed to go to church and celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays but the minister is not allowed to give a blessing and there should not be any prayers. Traditional summer hymns are allowed. One of our principals decided that we should have our celebrations in our assembly room instead so yesterday we all gathered there. The 9-graders sat in the middle in front of the stage and had 7-graders on one side and 8-graders on the other. Some of our students performed  on the stage, our two principals made a sketch and said good bye to the 9-graders and then there were more music before all the classes went to their class rooms. This year I had to say good bye to my class 9C so we ate a chicken wrap and had some cake before they gave us gifts and we gave them their grades. After that all the 9-graders  walked out from the school to stand with their classes infront of the school until we, the mentors, cut a ribbon and they could run out to their relatives and friends. Each class of 9-graders then ride behind a tractor or on a truck through town. Each class decorate the waggon or truck the night before with birch, baloons and funny signs. Personally I think our class had by far the best signs.

Another tradition is that in the evening all the 9-graders gather to watch funny sketches and dance numbers where a group och students make fun of students and teachers (in a warm and loving way). After that busses take them to a secret location where they have dinner and dance a while before saying their final good byes. 

Photo taken by Agnes Johansson (or her dad ;) )

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