fredag 20 juni 2014

Midsummer's Eve

We spent midsummer's eve with my sister and her family. How you spend midsummer is really up to you. It is not like Christmas that you spend with your family, you are more likely to spend it with your friends.

I picked my sister and her family up at the train station and then went grocery shopping. I had forgotten some items the day before and I had not bought the most important midsummer ingredient; STRAWBERRIES!!

Back home we prepared and had lunch; a special kind of pickled herring that we have during the summer months - matjesill, new potatoes, sour cream and chives. Swedes normally have snaps with the herring but we had to drive afterwards so we just had soda pop. For dessert we had strawberries and whipped cream.

Then we went into town where one of the local soccer clubs arrange midsummer celebrations for everyone who wants to join. You can have waffles, buy lottery tickets, throw rings, kids have a fish pond, gymnasts show what they can do and you can dance around the midsommarstång (midsummer pole/may pole).

Then we went home and had traditional midsummer fika; strawberry cake. In the evening we had a barbeque. Some people play games, like kubb or brännboll (rounders). But we just hung out and that was really nice too.

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