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Sibling Saturday - The Esa brothers

My farfar (parental grandfather) was the youngest of twelve siblings. His oldest brother was 21 years older than him. They were seven brothers and six sisters but only two of the brothers and three of the sisters got married. The oldest Simeon married a girl named Edit and moved to her home 30 kilometers away but they never got any kids. Elisabeth had eight kids after she moved south. Gunnar died during his military training. Lars (Lasse), Teodor (Tedde), Otto and Tor (Tore) never got married and were the ones who kept the family farm. Edit married a local and they had four sons but only two became adults, Erik and Åke. Ester died when she was 37 and Nina was 73 but had MS during most of her life. Elsa moved to the neighbouring parish where she and her husband had two daughters. Last but not least is my grandfather who met my grandmother and moved to another parish before taking over Simeon's farm.
Thore, Lasse, Erik and Folke

The brothers were known and are still talked about in the village where they grew up. I went there today to take pictures of the headstones of the siblings that stayed in the parish they grew up. I met a woman who grew up in the house next door. She told me about how she and her sister used to go over to the brothers; Lasse, Otto and Tedde, when she was a little girl. She had warm memories of them and we agreed to keep in touch and have coffe with her father and aunt one day to talk more about the Esa-brothers. Their father's name was Esaias and therefor the nick-name the Esa-brothers.

Unfortunately there seam to be no photos with all of the siblings.

Nina and Ester

Gunnar and Tore

Otto, Lars and Teodor

Edit, her husband and three of their sons.

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