torsdag 12 juni 2014

Those Places Thursday - Gårdstenstorp in Södermanland

Gårdstenstorp, also known as Gålstenstorp and Israelstorp, is a farm in the parish of Kila in the southern parts of the province of Södermanland. It is where my mother, grandmother, great grandfather  and great great grandfather grew up. The first person in the family to move to and own the farm was Nils Andersson, my great great great grandfather, who moved there with his secound wife, Anna Persdotter, in 1837. Nils' son Anders and daughter Brita Catharina from the first marriage also moved to Gårdstenstorp. Anders got married to Margaretha Jacobsdotter in 1843 and they had a daughter, Johanna Charlotta, in 1844. Nils dies in 1843 and July 1, 1844, Anders hangs himself in the barn, one month before his daughter was born. Why he took his own life is not known to me. His widow moved and took her daughter with her but Johanna Charlotta would only live to be ten years old. Nils' son Nils, also from the first marriage, now took over the farm and moved in with his wife, Maja Lisa Andersdotter, and their six children (two more would be born on the farm) in 1851. When Nils dies in 1880 his son Carl Johan takes over the farm who, together with his wife Amalia, had eleven children. Konrad, one of the sons, stays on the farm and marries Agnes Hjälte in 1919, togheter they have three girls. Karl Johan dies in 1924 and Konrad dies four years later of septicimia. I have written earlier about my grandmother and her mother.
In 1938 the total land area of the farm was 25,7 acres where half was farm land and the rest forest and grazing land. There was 1 horse, 4 cows, 1 calf, 2 pigs, and 20 hens. The main house was built in the 1890's and stable and barns in 1919.
In 1955 the house was renovated. A basement was added and the house was modernized.

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