fredag 6 juni 2014

Sweden's National Day

June 6 is since 1983 Sweden's National Day. Before that it was the day of the Swedish flag, which was often celebrated in schools by singing the national anthem by the flag pole. The origin of the celebration of the Swedish flag dates back to 1893 when a spring feast was held at Skansen in Stockholm. Artur Hazelius, the founder of Skansen, chose June 6 for two reasons; #1 It was the day in 1523 when Gustav Vasa was chosen to be the king of Sweden. #2 it was the day in 1809 when the government signed the agreement of the system of government that stated all the civil rights (freedom of speach, freedom of the press]. In 1916 the day officially became the day of the Swedish flag. As stated earlier the day became the national day in 1983 but it was not until 2005 that it became a holiday, meaning no school and people having a day off.

The day is celebrated with speaches by politicians and people of importance but for many Swedes it is just a day off from work. A lot of municipalities have special seromonies to welcome new Swedish citizens.

In our family we celebrate my father-in-law's birthday, and since my sister-in-law had a daughter on June 3, we also celebrate my step-son's birthday which is June 2. Two celebrations in one week with the same people is enough. :)

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