måndag 16 juni 2014

Birthday of Axel Oxenstierna

Axel Oxenstierna was born June 16, 1583. He was the son of the Council of the Realm, Gustaf Gabrielsson Oxenstierna, and Barbro Axelsdotter Bielke. Axel got a good  education and visited three German universities. When he came back to Sweden he was employed at the court of the king and became Council of the Realm in 1609. When Karl IX died and Gustav II Adolf becme king Axel made sure to improve the privilages of the Swedish nibility. In 1612 he became Lord High Chanellor and worked closely with the king for the next 20 years. They both wanted to turn Sweden in to one of Europe's leading countries. In order to acomplish this education, administration, the military power and the finances of the crown all had to be improved which led to a reform in 1634.

When the king died in 1632 Axel made the arrangements for the government that would rule in the young queen's place. The whole family Oxenstierna profited before the queen came of age as he gave his brother and cousin important positions within the kingdom. When the queen came to hold all the power she was entiteled Axel's power decreased. The queen abdicated in 1654, something Axel had worked against, and he died soon there after.

Axel's position in Swedish history is unique. Even though he might seem egoistic and powerhungry he truely thought that what was best for the nobility was also the best for the country that he served.


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