torsdag 19 juni 2014

Double Royal Wedding Anniversery

June 19 is the wedding anniversery for both King Carl XVI Gustaf and his wife Silvia, and their daughter Victoria and husband Daniel. Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia were married in 1976 and Victoria and Daniel in 2010. 

Carl XVI Gustaf met Silvia Somerlath at the olympics in Munich 1972. "It just said klick" the couple said when they told the press and the world about how they met and fell in love. They got married in Stockholm Cathedral, with 1200 guests, and the press followed every move. It was the first Swedish royal wedding to be filmed and broadcasted live.

When Victoria and Daniel got married 34 years later a lot of parallels were drawn between the two weddings. It was the same date, it was the same cathedral and a lot of other ceremonies were the same. Again television followed every move and people who had witnessed the wedding 34 years earlier commented the event. The couple met when Victoria started going to the gym that Daniel owned and they started dating. 

Kings of Sweden by Ricardo Stuckert/PR - Agència Brasil

Photo License: CC-BY-3.0-br


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