tisdag 17 juni 2014

Tuesday's Tip - Swedish Estate Inventory

In 1734 it became obligatory to make and Estate Inventory of a persons belongings within three months after he/she died. These records can be really helpful for genealogists with Swedish roots. Each inventory starts with an introduction naming whom it is written for, husband/wife, occupation, surviving children with spouces and where they are living.

The inventory lists what the person owned under different headlines, like Silver, Copper and Iron things, Miscelaneous, Clothing etc. There can also be notations about the animals they owned and what they were called. If there were buildings these will also most likely be mentioned. There is also information about debts or if the deceased had lended somebody money. No amount is too small. My fourth great grandmother owed money for a jug of aquavit.

In order to find the estate inventories you must know not only in which parish the person died in but also which hundred or leet the parish belonged to sincie a copy of every inventory had to be aproved by the authorities.

Arkiv Digital has more information about the estate inventories and they also have them online.

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  1. I'm part Swedish (my father's mother was 3/4 Swedish), but I have not used these records yet. I will have to look for them. Thank you for the tip!